Is This the future?

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White Tape

I was sitting at work about to begin my monotonous call center duties when my friend Jourdan came up to me. He says “I was at the Salvation Army looking at some different books and I had to get you this” whereupon he hands to me the most important book ever written (which is my wholly subjective, and quite debatable position). Hardly able to sit still I tell Jourdan I’ll pay him gladly for it, he tells me to forget about it and that it only cost him fifty cents. To me this book is priceless. Jourdan had just handed me Troy Hurtubise’s book, the writing and behind the scenes look at the legend that is “Project Grizzly” a book titled “White Tape

I began leafing through the pages almost forgetting that I was at work. I didn’t even know this book existed. The picture on the front cover looks incredibly haloesque, yet this book is copyright 1990. This book seems to predate and is the basis for what later became “Project Grizzly.” What seems like a basic fortelling of the movie is actually quite more. Hurtubise has included many of the original correspondance with the Canadian government and associated organizations in this book chronicaling the early stages of his protective armour.

It was incredible to see the beginning suits that Hurtubise had developed. If it is even possible that the first Ursus Mark here:

The beginning.

The beginning.

The Future

This book also features some great pictures. The following is actually a part of the clip seen in “Project Grizzly” In the book Troy states that this suit was a step above the previous one in its ability to reduce heat. It was coloured in the dull grey as an attempt to reduce the previous internal temperatures of plus 220 degrees Farenheit.

It must haven taken incredible endurance to get to the point Hurtubise is currently at with the Trojan and his I.E.D. protective devices. I can only imagine the hardships and headache’s he has endured up to this point. The man is a legend. I mean seriously, look at him.

I cannot wait to actually sit down and read this book. As soon as I have I will ensure to write an entire review. This book will provide a significant amount of depth into the movie. I already however have noticed the hypermasculine tone of the book and I worry that at times, as I have stated before, that this detracts from the seriousness of his quest. But that being said if I made something as significant as he has I would most likely just as cocky. As Kid Rock says “It ain’t braggin’ if you back it up.”