Nextar Z10 Projector Review

I have recently recieved my Mini shirtpocket projector from Hammacher Schlemmer and wanted to give you a quick review and some media of this projector. It seems that this model is relevently new and not so many reviews of it exist as compared to Aiptek and 3M’s comparable models. For a full run of the Z10’s specs, visit Nextar.  Overall I am pretty impressed with this projector. It is best suited for a pitch black room, and is not really bright enough to operate in a fully lit room at any distance at all. That being said, in pure darkness the projector is capable of giving a quality image of up until 50 inches, any more and the light becomes more dim. Aside from that, having an onboard media capability and optional storage on a micro sd card allows you to store a few films on it, or pictures. There is an ebook function on the menu, which quizzically makes me wonder who would want to read an ebook on a projector screen like this. For the cost, it was a good buy and definatly is nice for watching movies on a large surface, without owning a large tv. The portability is simply an added bonus.

Here is a quick video of my projector in action, and more pictures of it below.

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The Rollercoaster

The video begins “If you have kids in the room you should take them out now.” With what seemed to be immense holiday cheer in Hurtubise’s last video releases on his recent book release has now turned into utter anger. A video and summary are what follows.

Hurtubise rails on many Canadian big dogs and is “beyond contempt” for looking at the war that is war. Hurtubise is of the camp that is the alpha male who wants a war without casualties. His argument is valid. It is against those who do not do what they can for those who are fighting this war. Hurtubise wants to help so bad that he sat in a truck full of explosives literally has put his money where his mouth is. The problem, however, is that his mouth is the problem. It is this kind of absurd ranting against big business type ‘Don Cherry’s’ that makes Hurtubise seem like the moron he claims them all to be, when in fact he is just misdirecting his energy. He doesn’t have to listen to these figures sympathize about a war they know nothing about, Hurtubise ould be off trying to invent something else, writing more books, doing anything construvtive. Therin lies the problem, which is the inevitable deconstruction that Hurtubise brings around when his work is not being validated.

“They didn’t even bother to reply!”  He is trying to get it out there for free even, baring it all, because he really does want to help fight the war the best way he can and in it is truly unfortunate that his plea is falling on deaf ears. He states he is not making any more armour. He has basically stated in so many words that if his brother, who is going to Afganistan to fight, dies fighting in the war then Hurtubise is going to “Bring a war.” This is the anger that is understandable but displaces all of his work in exchange for a mirrored Timothy McVeigh type anger. A message which was valid, but a method which turned out all too horribly. Goodbye Hurtubise, I think I will no longer cover you. Your ideas are amazing but you my friend have lost your mind.

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