Sisyphus is fruity

A lot of times I see people looking up what the phrase “One must imagine Sisyphus happy,” in an attempt to understand the phrase immortalized by Albert Camus. I promise I will write a post based on this in the upcoming future. Until then, please enjoy this picture of fruit. As you look closer it appears as if the stem of the cherry tomato looks like a little Sisyphus pushing up the tomato on the mountain of grapes. Now I am hungry and existential.

Fruity Sisyphus

Fruity Sisyphus

[Via joejet]

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A Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…

There is something so cathartic that happens to me when I hear John Lee Hooker’s foot tapping to this song. I had to share it with you.

There is another, more electric and accompanied version here, but I don’t like it nearly as much. Has anyone seen the movie Black Snake Moan. While I was listening to some blues, I began thinking about what an awesome job Samuel L. Jackson did playing the blues. While I rarely find many actors turned musicians are any good, I would definatly like to hear some more of Jackson playing the blues. Here is a few clips if you haven’t seen the movie, and if for some reason you haven’t, go out and see it immediately.

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Hurtubise on Discovery Channel…

Trojan S and Trojan T

I recently recieved a message from Mr. Hurtubise which stated the following:

“Discovery will be airing a 1 hour special in January of the Trojan S and T series. Get ready for never before seen footage! Will update when possible.”

I definatly look forward to seeing the show. Mr. Hurtubise, for those who are not familiar has developed many armoured exoskeletons and ballistic devices alike (See previous posts). He has also posted new photos of the Trojan S and Trojan T series, which can be found here, at the Official Troy Hurtubise Group.

When the Discovery Channel program airing date has been released I will try to display it here.

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Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras-Trent…

I have been wanting to post this since I first saw it. SNL’s actor Andy Samberg, of Hot Rod fame, is one of the funniest people they have on the show. He did this amazing song which parodies the sterotypical white kid who goes to college and decides to become Rasta without knowing anything about it other than wanting to smoke lots of dope, drink Red Stripe, and listen to Sublime all day. I love Sublime, but Rasta kids are lame. Here is the video:

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