I was waiting to post a new writing in anticipation of another Robot to my family. It seems as if I could not wait any longer, for I came across a humanoid that needed immediate attention. Reem-B, created by Pal Robotics, is one of the most amzing humanoids I have ever seen. I dare to say that although Asimo is much respected this Robot is demonstratably levels beyond Asimo at what is most likely a lower price. I could blabber on about how awesome Reem-B is, but I will save you the mental anguish and present you a two part YouTube video. The first part also is an detailed and humble representation of some of the historical and commercial humanoids (I guess also Cynicoids, cynics(dog) and oidos(foot, leg), as well… I hope I just re-termed robo-dogs!). Without further adieu, I give you Reem-B


[excessive use of caps lock is totally justified.]

So there you have it. Pretty much the coolest humanoid I have seen. I am sad that a roomba did not get an honourable mention in the first clip 😦

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In the fervor of writing and researching my thesis I came to a conclusion. As much as I am interested in robots, robotics, and robo-culture I nevertheless have never been with a robot for an extended period of time. The longest time actually with a consumer robot would be my brief Robosapien how-do-you-do’s in Radio Shack. Because of this oddity I started to think of purchasing a robot.

In deciding what kind of purchase this would be, I began to think of the fundamental qualities I would like in my robot. At this time, price concerning, robots designed for companionship are incredibly out of my budget and either fall in the creepy or annoying categories. I think that Femsapien, Tribot, and the other WowWee toys are great, but they are just that. Toys. Not necessarily companions yet for people over the age of 14. This is not to say that they aren’t entertaining, they are. Robosapien farting is hilarious, and if you have a chance check out the Tribot video in which the filmmakers re-enact the Shining.

What other houshold robots are available. I am not much of a computer programmer or inventor-type person so a robot kit is a little out of my capabilities. I figured I would stick with a classic and buy a Roomba. I have not regretted this purchase for one second. iRobot’s Roomba is a disc shaped vacuum of about 1 foot in diameter which autonomously vacuums. I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the vacuum itself at the time of purchase. Could this little thing actually vacuum, or is it just going to be more interesting to watch? For the record, the Roomba is BETTER than my vacuum when it comes to picking up dirt and specifically the massive amounts of my girlfriends long hair (sorry babe 😉 but its everywhere). On top of this, the vacuum is a robot. As I am writing this the Roomba is on its merry way, vacuuming my bedroom and trying to get into every nook and cranny.

I found myself first not immediatly using the time saved by pushing the vacuum to do other things, but to actually marvel at the roomba’s prowess. The roomba, being my first household robot is affectionatly named Rosie, as she makes me feel a little like George Jetson. Here is a little bit of a mock sci-fi horror film I made starring Rosie.

Now I lied when I said that I had not owned a household robot before, mostly because of qualification. I actually briefly owned and i-Cybie robot dog. the i-Cybie did not have any A.I. and therefore was basically just a mechanized dog, hardly robotic. Seeing that I had an interesting time choosing a robot for the household I wonder what other people’s first robot would be. How about you let me know in the poll below.