Ronald Jenkees

I was on the computer this morning and came across an amazing musician named Ronald Jenkees. At first glance the youtube video looks like every other aspiring musician attempting to lay down some cover. This was something quite different. Jenkees lays down a synth pop / hip hop style music which is reminiscient of an 80’s music track and a mid 90’s gangsta rap thrownback at the same time. For instance, watch his song “Throwing Fire” and think of a movie like Beverly Hills Cop in cityscape scene. You’ll get what I’m saying.

Jenkees has an unassuming demeanor and it unclear whether his dialogue is legit or an act put on for performance. Regardless, such remixes of tracks like the theme from Rocky as well as various music tracks from his self titled cd give Jenkees an edge that seems to continually be lacking in music, originality

Poke around his YouTube Channel and see his different tracks. You definatly will not regret it.

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For some strange reason I have become obsessed with the Friday the 13th movie series. I started watching the series again from the beginning and at my age now I find much more humour than sheer terror than I did in my youth. To commemorate my new obsession I created a Jason Voorhies wallpaper for my computer and you are free to download it by clicking on the image below. The image is from Friday the 13th VIII during the scene in the diner. I loved the way Jason’s reflection came through the broken glass.

Photoshop edit of Friday the 13th VIII

I also have heard that a new Friday the 13th movie (imdb here) is in production to be released on Friday, February 13th 2009.

*Clip is a cam version from what I beleive to be Comicon 2008.

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